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A Conversation With My Spirit Guide

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We floated over vast hills, rich with trees slowly swaying in the wind.

“He asked, what do you see?”

To which I responded, “I see many trees.”

“Look beyond the trees, now what do you see?”

He continued, “Beyond the trees there is another world, yet your eyes do not see. Feel. For just because you do not see does not mean that it is not present. It is your vision that is small and weak and not the life itself that exists around us. For what we do not see still continues to exist when we are not present.

So a reminder to all:

“Just because you do not see, does not mean that it is not present…”

Do not be fooled into thinking that what you currently see with your eyes is the only present. They only allow us to see what is directly in front of us, and even then we can fail to see what is there. Remind yourself that existence is not confined to any direction.

A Second Visit 

Back in my sacred space again, standing on the shoreline and staring into the lush green woodland of trees ahead. I once again make my way in, take a right turn, and find myself at the grand treehouse nestled in its green field of grass among the trees. It comforts me; It feels like true home.

I enter, opening the wooden door worn smooth, perhaps by many forgotten visits. Inside the first room, a few more pictures catch my eye this time. As I enter the second room, my old friend is waiting for me. He’s facing away toward the back of the room, and as I enter, he turns around. I feel a great sense of peace in his presence. He smiles, briefly. This time we do not sit down, but instead he directs us to the back door, opening it to the green field beyond its frame. 

Standing outside among the grass now, enclosed by the hug of the tree line, he reaches out, gesturing his palms to be placed over mine. I place out my palms, open for receiving, in my physical body also. Then I begin to feel a great heat in my palms. I feel it physically. It was amazing! Here I am far away and yet I am physically feeling this incredible warmth in complete solitude as I’m sitting in my backyard to meditate.

He smiles once again and I know that today is done. I thank him, grateful for what he has bestowed on me. I embrace him tightly, and open my eyes, refreshed. 

The most interesting part about this story comes later, when I’m speaking with my partner, Danielle. I had not yet told her about my time with my spirit guide. 

Her and a friend had been meditating together, and apparently, were focusing on me, wanting to bestow love and comfort on me and give me strength to continue on my path of discovery. She told me that they had reached out their hands and visualized holding mine in love & support. Had I felt their warmth in my own hands through this meditation? Had we created a connection that transcended the bounds of the physical space?

What an incredibly intriguing experience! 

I feel as if they had created a kind of message in the ‘akashic’ space for me to retrieve in my own meditation. They uploaded, I downloaded.

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