A Quick Explanation Of How We Are All Connected

Six degrees of separation. It’s a common reference. The idea that any one of us human beings are just six ‘handshakes’ away from being connected with any other person on the planet (obviously not including certain indigenous populations). 

In recent history, that number is said to have decreased, what, with the internet and social media and all. The world has gotten ‘smaller’, more ‘inter-connected’. The current most recent running figure came from a model including a total of 1.6 billion people – courtesy of Facebook – and found that the average distance that connected any two of its users was 3.57 people.

But what if that was just an illusion?

Is it possible that on some macro level we could all be inter-connected? The idea of The One or The Absolute? Don’t you ever find it strange when you seem to have an idea about something, or a topic comes to the forefront of your interest, and, shortly after, you find others are discussing it or maybe it even finds its way to mainstream news sources?

Now, I know that in today’s world it’s hard not to suggest a more sinister scenario that it had been mass subliminal messaging of some sort. But if you’re paying attention in life, you probably had an inkling of familiarity with the idea. Maybe something specific even came to mind.

I mean, could it all just be coincidence? Or could those thousands of years old spiritual writings and beliefs truly be on to something. In today’s world, the common practice is to believe we have all the answers until proven otherwise. And when proven otherwise we then revert back to having all the answers. Quick to forget that we were just humbled by some newfound truth. 

There are fossil remains of anatomically modern humans dating back over 160,000 years. But most of what we stand by as scientific fact today has been discovered in just the last few hundred. Think about the advances and discoveries we make on a decade basis. We are constantly rediscovering ourselves and rewriting what we know – even if we are stubborn about it. Now, isn’t it possible that something that has stood a stalwart test of time and is beginning to be measured scientifically, such as the brain activity of Tibetan monks in states of meditation when they’re connected to equipment that can measure them. Or the discovery that within the atom both its nucleus and surrounding electrons are made up of oscillating energy fields meaning that matter itself is in the simplest sense not ‘material’?

The Real Obi-Wan (Ben) Kenobi

I draw your attention to the work of Itzhak Bentov. An incredible man of the 20th century, who was known to most as Ben. Without a formal education he was recruited to work on Israeli rockets before making his way to the United States and developing life saving medical equipment such as the steerable cardiac catheter. What he’s perhaps best known for is his research into consciousness. 

Here’s a fantastic graph he sketched to explain simply the idea of inter-connected consciousness. 


On the lowest line is our plane of existence right here. What you are currently perceiving in front of you as you read this; your physical reality. You can see Sarah, Bob, Bill, and Jim – basically the whole gang. Now the next line up, that’s the plane of the soul, and the line above that, the higher self. Now you can see that on each plane the overlap becomes larger as the lines continue out to infinity, at which point there is no more intersecting because there is no separation at infinity because without time there is no space. This would be the Absolute, or The One. 

What Bentov states is that we are existing simultaneously on each of these levels and perhaps levels in between, but in the current moment may not be aware of it. It depends on our level of awareness. You may have heard anecdotal stories about “ego death” or blissful awareness and a feeling of connectivity with everything in our surroundings that is beyond the description of our rudimentary language tools. A devoted Practice of meditation can help to unlock this.

Check Out This Video to get the full explanation.

Now you might still be the skeptic – maybe you even call bull. But ask yourself, if there is even the slightest possibility of existence beyond one mortal life, aren’t you a curious enough creature to try it and see what’s on the other side? I mean, if you only have one life don’t you want to at least cross it off your bucket list and if on the off chance there is something ‘more’ what have you got to lose but potential health benefits from a scientifically proven perspective. It’s just something to think about. You might even come face to face with your higher self and I’m sure that you’ll love them!

Either way, Bentov said that whether we like it or not, we are headed towards that end goal of evolutionary ‘oneness’ so we’re all just along for the ride, whether we’re conscious of it or not. At some point we will all wake up and smell the roses so to speak. It just happens differently for all of us; we are all on our own path and I hope that you are all enjoying yours!

Love to all!

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