Bigfoot, Aliens, and Nessie: Fantastic Creatures or Creatures of Fantasy?

As my research continues, there seems to be a deep connection between our most popular sightings of unidentified flying objects, and sightings of more fantastical, and perhaps less believed phenomenon. Ghosts, ‘Aliens’, and even the Loch-ness monster share a strange number of coincidences in their sightings. 

Many before me have theorized that there is some as yet unknown but estimated connection between many of the supernatural and unexplained occurrences we experience. Unfortunately for anyone who might have dabbled in this kind of research, when you begin to develop what you might call a solid foundation for understanding the phenomenon, the ground beneath you quickly shifts like the illusion it is, and new, astonishing occurrences bewilder you and once again leave you confused and uncertain. So with that said, we will attempt to discuss, but not cement, many of the strange links and their possible explanations between supernatural phenomenon.

Water, the (electro)magnetic tape recorder.

Caves, Bodies of water, dense woodland forests, the snow-capped mountains of Asia… What do all of these things have in common? They all often appear in recounts of paranormal sightings, and… they all share in the lifeblood of our body, water.

Studies carried out by Masaru Emoto have shown that water can be programmed to structure itself in many different forms.1 Marcel Vogel calls this liquid crystal because the structure of water is similar to the crystal structuring of quartz. These crystal structures have even been used to store information in an experiment at Stanford University. They have the ability to act like a memory device, and water is no different. Marcel Vogel has used this to explain why water at sacred sites like Lourdes has unique healing abilities. It has a unique structure that facilities its miraculous healing abilities. 

Why is this important?

The style of information stored by the scientists at Stanford was holographic. Several researchers have put forward the idea that the universe itself may be some form of hologram. Itzhak Bentov explains how this might work in an easy to read format in his books, Stalking the Wild Pendulum and A Brief Tour of Consciousness.

Now, what if water was in some way acting as a storage device of information that was sometimes accessed unknowingly, perhaps through electrical signals when the witnesses entered a certain space. Then it would playback like some kind of recording device that stored a memory of separate moment in time. 

My first example would be the Loch Ness monster. Many have reported sightings, some witnesses have even experienced several. However, the sighting of this kind of creature is not limited to Loch Ness. They have also occurred at Trollfjord, or Fjord of the Trolls in Norway and in Lough Fadda in Galway.2 Witnesses truly believe they witnessed something ‘physically’ present. The problem is, in the case of Lough Fadda for example, if there was a real, ‘physical’ 15-foot creature in those waters, the natural wildlife balance would be quickly upset and the creature would starve in a short amount of time after winding up there, due to consuming all available food sources in such a small body of water. Which is why the alternative (outside of closing the case and assuming all witnesses were simply mistaken or lying) is more likely. 

Gateways to another reality, or ‘Doorways’ as John Keel likes to call them

What’s also interesting is that these paranormal encounters are often reported in magnetic anomalies, specifically form the edges of such an anomaly outwards (UFOs are almost never reported “directly over” these ‘magnetic’ areas). A 320 kilometer area from the edge of the anomaly is John Keel’s reported ‘doorway’.3

John Keel explains the experience of ‘feelings’ that have been experienced at clear boundaries, for example, he explains that while seeking out the famous Mothman, he recalls entering a threshold where he suddenly felt inexplicable fear and dread. After a short walk forward, the feeling dissipated, but upon returning just a few steps back, the feeling returned, and he was able to pinpoint a clear threshold which seemed to define an ‘entry point’ to this bizarre feeling. It was like this one particular area could be marked off by tape and contained within its air a feeling of dread, perhaps imprinted from an event in the past that had left its signature in the atmosphere.4

To further this theory, many have began to conclude that the occurrence of the paranormal runs on some sort of routine. John Keel concluded after pouring over historical accounts that there were not only particular years where sightings of the unexplained had been heightened, but even particular places and amazingly, particular times of the year and even specific days of the week and times of the day! Now you might say that this is all due to some standardized clock due to the increase of people outside in warmer months or off work at the weekend, but what is results show contradicts that. In fact, the most common day for a sighting to occur for example, was a Wednesday. The most common times of the year? The last week of March and the last week of April.5

Is it all just an illusion or some kind of ‘replay’?

Some researchers have come up with the idea that we are somehow activating a replay of a moment in the distant past embedded in the air itself. Which may explain why these things suddenly appear and disappear. A witness spots the feet of a corpse on the side of the road but by the time they get out and look or do a double take the body has vanished. 

While investigating Trollfjord to further his research of these mysterious serpents plaguing the waters of the earth, Donald Omand witnessed two humps bubble to the surface of the water and come towards the boat, his guide, Captain Jan Anderson, explained to him to remain calm as the thing never actually made contact. And, surely enough, as it gained closer it slipped back beneath the waters. It may not really have been there at all, at least not at that particular moment in time.6 

Unfortunately, there appears to be no rhyme or reasoning behind these sightings, other than to send their witnesses into a spiral of confusion and often bad luck following the event. They are random and as yet unsolved by any intrigued investigator. 

An Alternative Reality 

There is another possibility. Just as these strange creatures often appear in damper abodes, UFOs often appear over bodies of water from ocean to lake. And these objects tend to materialize and dematerialize from one instant to the next, while breaking the laws of (our) reality. 

Perhaps it is related to the fact water is easily restructured and works as a device to allow the super spectrum, that is, living energy that exists outside of visible light, to materialize through manipulating the reaction and manifesting through frequencies into the visible spectrum. John Keel’s research shows that UFO phenomena often initially appear in infared, not visible to the human eye, which may be the ‘heat’ generated by the reaction into the visible spectrum, where they next appear as a colored light at one end of the visible light spectrum, and then solidify into some form of ‘material’ object.7 

What’s interesting about this is that at the sights where UFOs are spotted, witnesses sometimes recover ‘debris’ that they believe to be from some kind of craft. I have another theory. 

Jacques Vallee has stated that tests carried out on this recovered debris has showed that its molecular structure has been ‘perfected’. It has been put back together in a more purified way. He says that it could be some more advanced intelligence that has the ability to manipulate the matter involved. But what if it is all just a part of the chemical reaction taking place as these extra dimensional entities materialize in this version or aspect of reality. The most common solid elements in the earth’s crust happen to be Silicon and Aluminum. I posit that somehow, the piles of silicon and pieces of purified aluminum are somehow extracted and separated from the earth’s surface in a kind of electromagnetic reaction wherever the living energy materializes itself. 

It has already been said that witnesses of paranormal phenomena often experience a putrid and foul smell related to sulfur or rotten eggs, possibly as result of some chemical reaction. It is one of the most consistent aspects of paranormal sightings, from Bigfoot to ghosts. 

One of the main problems with this though is something Jacques Vallee reported to Rizwan Virk, author of The Simulation Hypothesis. He told him that he has reports of sightings where not all of the witnesses reported seeing the craft.8 In fact, in some cases only a portion of the group will actually see the phenomena. This lends more to the idea that the phenomenon is much more psychical that it appears.

The most exciting part

Something that does appear to be coming out of this is that we are directly connected and can perhaps influence these occurrences. A team in Canada dreamed up a ghost, giving it a name and background, and seemingly brought it into reality.9 Many will know of Steven Greer and his CE5 method to ‘summon’ UFOs at will.

What is not important is the physical form the ‘living energy’ takes, but the fact that it appears. With the right intention and training, we can manifest this energy into our existence ourselves. The form it takes appears to be related to some subconscious element, such as the young girl at Fatima who was visited by the Virgin Mary.

 Many thousands witnessed the corresponding wonders in the sky and healing miracles, but only Lucia witnessed the Virgin Mary herself. What’s important about this occurrence, and perhaps a landmark case into the research of this paranormal phenomena, is that Lucia did not come to dedicate herself after this experience, but had already dedicated herself to the Virgin Mary. She had already dreamed of being good to God and becoming a servant of heaven.

Even at the young age of 10 Lucia had planned to dedicate her life to the church, and so what she witnessed, or how this living energy appeared to her was through the most recognizable divine form in her eyes.  In fact, it may not have actively chosen this form, but somehow formed through her own subconscious beliefs. Lucia may have had a direct but unconscious effect on the form that this energy took. It appears that the energy itself acts in an unemotional way towards its form and is actually sculpted by the person ‘entangled’ with it. 

This idea conforms to what people experience when ‘contacting the dead’. The information provided by the ‘spirit’ that is contacted appears to know incredible details about the persons life, and may even fool them into believing that it is who it says it is. But it seems unlikely. It appears to be tapping into some kind of data bank, perhaps the same one referred to as the akashic records, where all information is stored. It is then received and relayed by the entity to the summoner.

The same thing occurs in hauntings when the poltergeist or spirit taunts the haunted with disturbing information that they could not possibly know. It seems to be some kind of trickster that taps into and uses this databank to manipulate the witness.

What is unknown is whether the output of the witness ‘feeds’ the entity and activates its behavior. For example, if fear is communicated and expressed as electrical signals, perhaps this is then reflected back on the witness by this entity as it acts as some kind of mirror, whereas if an ‘exorcism’ is performed and the witness truly believes that they are using the power of light or god to banish the being, then the reverse happens and the entity dissipates. In this case it is a manifestation of the witness. There seems to be many elements at play. 


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