John A. Keel and other experts agree UFOs aren’t from other planets

John A. Keel: He’s the reason why you use the term ‘men in black’. 

Alongside other paranormal investigators, including Jacques Vallee and Dr. Allen Hynek, after many years of detailed research had come to an alternative conclusion on the UFO phenomenon. These were not beings from another planet. 

Keel believed monsters, ghost, demons and fairies were all just different faces of the same phenomenon. He believed that the entities, if that’s what they were, took on a variety of forms perhaps of their own volition, perhaps by the influence of the cultural mind of the period. For example, as we have advanced technologically we now begin to see seemingly advanced crafts in the sky, while 130 years ago, farmers were spotting mystery airships and crafts similar to modern planes in the skies.1 

“I abandoned the extraterrestrial hypothesis in 1967 when my own field investigations disclosed an astonishing overlap between psychic phenomena and UFOs… The objects and apparitions do not necessarily originate on another planet and may not even exist as permanent constructions of matter. It is more likely that we see what we want to see and interpret such visions according to our contemporary beliefs.”2

Not extraterrestrial, invisible!

An example showing how little we actually ‘see’

Keel liked the concept that the reason we couldn’t see these things at all times was because they lived on a different frequency of the electromagnetic spectrum. When you consider the human being, what we can actually see is very limited. The visible spectrum of light is a tiny fraction of the radiation passing through the air right now. When you go into ultraviolet or infrared, these waves of radiation no longer visible to the human eye. But that doesn’t mean that nothing’s happening there. UFOs are often recorded by military cameras using infrared light and they are baffled when they switch back to the visible spectrum and find that the object they see isn’t really ‘there’.

John A. Keel believed that these entities were non-physical in nature and lived beyond what the eye could see. He believed that when we witnessed a UFO it had a direct correlation with the person(s) involved and somehow it used that connection to manifest into our visible, ‘physical’ spectrum through some kind of reaction. He used the example that UFOs often begin as lights in the sky, usually taking on the shade of a reddish orange as it passes through from infrared into visible before finally materializing into some physical object. It may even be some kind of reaction taking place that is displacing heat as a result, which is given off as infared. Either way the concept is intriguing.

Perhaps one of the best cases reported with hundreds of witness accounts, including accounts from the investigating Air Force officers, is the 1977 flap of Colares, Brazil.

Check out a detailed report of the case here along with many witness accounts.

On the topic of the witnesses involvement, he believed that this accounted for the lost time reported in sightings.

Keel theorized that this connection was electrical in nature, and manipulated the brain’s signals during the experience. This could put them into a trance and force them into a different visual reality. This is because what we see is not actually ‘out there’. Seeing isn’t taking place in our eyes, they are simply feeding signals back to the brain. In theory, if you altered the brain’s signals, you would cause the individual to see another reality. One example would be when an individual consumes certain kinds of drugs, such as DMT. 

John A. Keel has been a witness

John A. Keel spent his life researching the phenomenon and was even directly involved with some of it. His book, The Mothman prophecies, is the inspiration behind the movie starring Richard Gere. The two investigative characters are even both named as nods to Keel himself (Gere’s character being named ‘Leek’ is simply ‘Keel’ backwards).

Since so many of the most respected investigators and researchers seem to conclude that the phenomenon is not extraterrestrial but perhaps inter-dimensional or invisible life of some kind, we should begin to take this theory more seriously. Others have even concluded things like the Loch Ness monster and other creatures to be related to this psychic alternative theory

The only problem is, nobody is able to come up with a good conclusion on the ultimate purpose of the phenomenon. That still remains a mystery. 


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