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Man proves UFO phenomena to skeptic reporter

The time a reporter went out to call bull on a man claiming to call ufos and got schooled. 

I’m gonna need to change my report” he said. Assuming that the story was a slam dunk before meeting the man. Then being incredibly surprised as an orb appeared in the sky. 

The man in question lives in Las Vegas, and claims to have been summoning UFOs for 25 years. The reporter picked the date, time and location for the event. 

The man, Yahweh, says that it was the old testament that taught him how to summon the UFOs in question to illicit his own sightings. And he claims to have witnessed 1500 ufo sightings since he learned how. 

When he begins to pray for a sighting, miraculously, something appears. The power of manifestation and belief seems to be at play. I believe that it is not necessarily the specific text he chooses, but the belief that he holds within himself.

This is similar to the CE5 method by Stephen Greer. Which he claims anyone can make contact by using and call upon these beings.

Stephen Greer has supposedly developed a method, and states that anyone that places themselves into a higher state of mind, with the right intentions, can call upon these beings. This leans in to the idea that UFOs – whatever they are – are not an extraterrestrial occurrence but are some kind of psychic phenomena.

Have you tried anything similar to call your own UFO? Or have you had your own UFO experience that you couldn’t quite explain? 

Be sure to let us know, we’d love to hear. 

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