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Meeting My Spirit Guide

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It was a beautiful day in Nashville, just a handful of clouds were floating by in the deep blue up above. I sat beneath the shade of a canopy of trees in our backyard, relaxing into a meditation. As I sat, I let the suggestions of a higher self recording take me away to my ‘sacred space’ as the tape phrased it. 

I materialized on the calm shores of a beach, something akin to Tom Hanks arrival on the beach in castaway. Albeit in a much more relaxed state of mind. Beyond the edge of golden sand ahead was a dense forest, and as the tape progressed it directed me to enter. 

As I stepped into the dense woodland of green, I came upon two paths that snaked off in different directions.

Which way to take? I went off right and continued to wander through the lush wood. It’s floor was wrapped in the old roots of trees, whose bodies were entangled by vines; it was beautiful and welcoming.

I then came upon an opening; a gateway into a large meadow nestled among the forest. In the center stood a large tree, standing powerfully with dignity and wisdom. A central figure of the citizens of this wooded paradise. At its base was a door. This tree was my house, my spiritual retreat. 

my sacred space
My Mind’s House

The soothing female voice of the tape then directed me to enter. Inside I found the first room, it was like a hollowed out trunk of a tree, decorated in pictures — portraits of past lives — that I couldn’t make out. They continued high into the trunk and as I began to look up, I was directed back to the pictures around me and was told to focus on what I saw. I began to make out a few of the pictures, settling on one in particular. 

past life regression
The Room of Many Pictures

In front of me lay another door. It began to open, and beyond it lay another room; it looked like a wooden lodge with a long central table. There was a chair at either end of the table, and there were small windows along each wall. 

I sat down at the table, and a ball of white-golden light began to manifest across from me.

As I watched the ball of light it began to grow, slowly taking on the form of a being. A cord of light connected us across the table at the center of my chest. As this being took a fully formed bodily shape, the light began to dull and evolve into the likeness of a human. A feather pointing up to the sky now rested at his head. It was held their by a wrap and his hair was long and dark. 

The Cosy Meeting Cabin

As he looked across the table at me I felt the space between us evaporate. There was a great connection. Nothing was said but much was communicated.

I felt the need to hug him tightly, and so I did. Then I left with the knowledge I’d gained. Fresh with life, and determined that I would be sure to return again. This began a journey of discovery, one that has evolved greatly and bestowed much upon me.

To be continued with the many adventures of my spiritual journeys.

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