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Quartz, The Vogel Crystal and its magical scientific uses

In 1986, Marcel Vogel, in the midst of his research at the Dreamhill research facility, succeeded in a fascinating quartz experiment. He had in his possession a 1983 and a 1986 Sycamore creek bottle of wine. The 1983 was a fantastic and prize winning year for the wine. The 1986 was from the present year’s harvest. There was a very noticeable difference in the two wines between their body, bouquet, and flavor. Even to the uneducated wine sampler. 

Vogel had been working on the structure of water at the time, and the possible applications for changing its structure. He had found there was a possibility in using quartz crystal as a kind of transducer. Allowing him to store information from one sample and apply it to another. This was because of his discovery that it had the same base hexagonal structure as water.

Did You Know?

The idea of crystal as a storage device has actually been successful. In a study run at the University of Stanford, a couple of students succeeded in storing the image of the Mona Lisa within a crystal.

Vogel Crystal Wine Hacks

Back to the wine. Vogel and his assistant had been running their experiment, and had decided to attempt running the wine through their coil system that was designed to adapt the structure of water to see what results they would get. They ran samples of the 1986 chardonnay through the structure seven separate times. Each time recording the sample data and doing a taste test; they had fascinating results. Each sample had, at first taste, been vastly different from the original. Samples 5-7 tasted extremely bitter as if stale. But, sample 4… that was special. Sample 4’s structure and flavour, along with body, bouquet and even color appeared identical to the prize-winning 1983 bottle! 

The coil was running around a single Vogel crystal. Which was a quartz crystal artificially cut to the geometric parameters of the Kabbalah. (Also know as the tree of life.) It had appeared to Marcel Vogel in a waking state during his many years of research and study. 

Marcel Vogel: A Pioneer

Vogel had founded his own company earlier in his life, Vogel Luminescence, which designed many things, such as fluorescent crayons, a blacklight kit that tracked the trails of rodents through their urine, and even the psychedelic colors in neon, or as they were known at the time “new age” posters. He sold it, then going on to work for IBM as a research scientist.

Vogel was very successful during his time at IBM, developing 32 patents during his tenure. He designed the magnetic coating of the 24” hard disk drive, which most in this day will have owned before the upgrade to Solid State or SSD.

Plant Life

After his time at IBM he went in a new direction, moving into esoteric subjects after seeing the work of Cleve Backster on the possibility of consciousness in plants. He tested the proof (a scientific result should be repeatable by other scientists to test its validity), and what he found he claims completely changed his life in that moment.

His test involved hooking up a plant of his to a polygraph and setting an intent to harm the plant, tearing its leaf. When looking back at the result on the polygraph, there had been an unmistakable spike on the running graph at the time he had set the intent and torn the leaf.

Marcel gave a talk discussing his findings at the church of religious sciences in Los Angeles, and at the end of the lecture, a Dr. Mckistry came up to him excitedly, telling him that she had quartz crystals that would, to his amazement, vibrate in your hand. At the time Marcel’s response was; “so what?” The doctor said that he was impelled to send Marcel one of these crystals and he did just that, beginning the next and perhaps most integral part of Marcel Vogel’s life.

The Force Of Quartz

Marcel’s report of his first experience with a crystal is certainly an interesting and unexpected one. He reports that when he got this crystal, he was with a friend, Chuck Miknosa. As he inspected the crystal, holding it in his hand as he’d been instructed, he says that he drew his breath in, and happened to be pointing it in Chuck’s direction when he let out a sharp breath. In that moment Chuck’s head flicked back as he entered an altered state of consciousness. A pretty surprising result! That was his first ‘encounter’ with a crystal! 

From that point on began a life’s long research quest into the potential of quartz and water. 

Crystal Clear Data

In his studies of quartz he found that in the information or quantum charge transfer that took place when a quartz crystal was applied to water, a whole extra band in the ultraviolet spectrum between the ultraviolet band of 3,000 and 4,000 angstrom units (near infrared) was created in the water. This was where the information was being stored, he believed. He even succeeded in storing an image of the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus after measuring it with spectral photometry. Something else fascinating is that he also experimented with shamanic drums and found that when both quartz and shamanic drums were applied, another band appeared in the spectrum!

Liquid Crystal

Marcel came to find that water when freezing to ice, is crystallizing and forming crystal structures that take on the shape of the energy surrounding it. Ice crystal – hexagonal shapes – show the variety in this energy. This discovery led him to his research on ‘liquid crystal’. When he realized that water did not have to be in its frozen state to take on a crystalline structure. The water itself can absorb and contain information from its environment and intention. Almost as if water is acting like a piece of film paper capturing the information of light its receiving.

The Secret Of the Snowflake

The studies of Masaru Emoto gives us some wonderful and visual background to this. He found that pollution, human vibrational energy, thoughts, words, ideas and music affect the molecular structure of water.




Emoto shows us in his images, the profound effect and impact of our intentions and what we say. Furthermore, his study of water allows us to see our own effects on the environment/reality that surrounds us. And considering that we are approximately 70% water, the effects we have on ourselves! If anything is a case for positive intention and manifesting our reality, this work certainly could be.

Think about the relation to harmony and how disharmony within our body could lead to illness or reversely heal it.

The Vogel Crystal and its potential applications

In his research on quartz, Vogel was looking into storing information within the crystal, and using them as a kind of transducer to transfer the information from one source i.e. the human intent, to another, water. That led to the fun and incredible wine experiment. But Marcel was thinking of the applications for healing; new levels of biomedicine; programming water for specific treatments. 

His research into water also deepened as he correlated a connection between the water and quartz. He even developing an artificial cut of quartz that has been named after him; the Vogel crystal that was mentioned earlier. It was designed off the dimensional shape of the Kabbalistic tree of life that appeared to him. He cut these crystals to resonate with the particular resonant frequency (454) of water. Using these cut crystal ‘wands’ he found that energy of mind (thought and intention) projected through a crystal will structure water as if frozen into ice, a living crystal; a fluid, but structured crystal. A mesophase, or mesomorphic transition took place.

A Sound Picture

We can see the physical results in the beautiful images captured by Emoto, and I feel like we can see the emotional projection. To me, it’s like I’m seeing a visual of what Imagine sounds like. And, sorry folks, I know that heavy metal is an outlet for a lot of folks out there, but I think we can say that it’s an outlet of anger or sadness that is, dare I say, negative energy output, which would explain its physical structure in water. 

Study Of A Lifetime

Vogel, over his more than 30 years of study, also visited various sacred sites related to holy or magical water and said that he found the claims to be true. He found that the structure of water at these locations was unique from the structure of ‘bulk’ water or its base shape. They held information structures like we see in the effects of words and music.

Sites of spring water and other such places have also been studied and they also hold their own structure, their structure, however, apparently seems to break down after about four hours when removed from the site. This is quite different to the sacred sites, and one sacred site in particular; a sacred spring in Hungary, Marcel recalled, was the most profound structure he had seen. When a single drop from the sample he had taken from Hungary was placed in a cup of reverse osmosis water, the whole cup took on the structure of the sacred water!

(Not Exactly) Beyond Measure

It appears at first glance that there is much we don’t know, but just because we don’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t taking place. As we can see from these studies, the devices to measure such things are always in development, just as any scientific study requires certain equipment to measure the subject. We cannot write off ‘pseudoscience’ as some quacks rambling about unprovable ideas when we have such measurable evidence. Is not a scientific study but a theory structured by the investigator with measures also chosen by the investigator? Science is always in flux and may be ‘proven’ further by repeatable results, but we must realize that the world of science evolves and has evolved throughout history and we still seem to be so rigid and stubborn when new ideas arise in fields we do not yet understand, writing them off as nonsense.

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