The Most Interesting Thing About DMT

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DMT. It’s unique breed of psychedelic drug. For starters, its base compound, tryptamine, is found within our body. We ourselves produce it in very small amounts. Another interesting fact about tryptamine is that its parent molecule is one of only two compounds that are produced by the genetic code that are only generated by a single sequence of code (see my other article to explore this further). It leaves no room for ambiguity, in other words its very specific and in this case on some level, unique.

It also allows us access to another world. 

I know, I know. An explanation is needed!

Break On Through To Another Side

This is your ‘normal’ reality:

Your reality is generated by the overlap or coalescence of mutual information between your brain’s information and the external world’s information.

In the image below you can see that as the brain experiences the world, it connects patterns between the cortical columns of the brain to resonate and recognize the external world. These patterns form our perspective of reality. But it is not the only reality. 

Isn’t it interesting that it’s often said that children are the most sensitive to seeing things like ghosts or other supernatural things? What if this could be explained by the overlap of information? 

As we grow, we learn more about our world and this information is stored as knowledge or information in our brain. It is the brain connecting the same patterns as the world around us and slowly as we see in the overlapping circles below there gets to be more mutual information between the brain and the world and we become more of a part of this world, more grounded and stop seeing monsters because there is less free information. We are more ‘matched’ to this world.

Well what if we could change these connections? 

Actually, we can.

This is what happens when you take LSD. The connections between the cortical columns ‘loosen’ and we form novel connection between things that aren’t usually connected, explaining why we can have interesting ideas or amazing epiphanies, why we can feel things we see or see smells. 

So what about DMT?

The image below explains DMT. 

Our Brain On DMT

Our Brain On DMT

When we take DMT, we actually switch the reality that we are connected to. We lose the ability to sample information from this reality, our world, and connect to a different one. The patterns of cortical columns in our brain suddenly match a completely separate and parallel reality as seen in the image above. 

Radio DMT

The Secret of DMT

We are tuning in to another frequency like tuning to another radio station. We are suddenly able to hear 92.1fm after hitting the seek button on the radio. While we were on 89.7fm, 92.1 was still playing, they were still ‘on air’ and just because we weren’t listening to it doesn’t mean that it didn’t exist before we changed channels. It was still right there we just weren’t on the right frequency. DMT allows us to change station, and its world (or worlds) are right here, happening right now, we just don’t normally have the right frequency to receive the information being transmitted. 

One last thing: I used the example of the seek button because we don’t really know where we are going or what reality we are tuning into, we are just waiting for the signal to be found. We’ve heard it before – many people report being welcomed like an old friend and feel like they’ve come home, even stating that it felt more real to them than this world we are all experiencing right now – but we have forgotten what the channel code was so we need a little help to get there. 

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