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The Sunday I spoke With God

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I began the day of awareness with yoga, setting my intention on strength, and realizing that strength in a half-moon pose while asking for the strength to be ground and unwavering in the pose.

Wise words from a friend showed me that the reason a smell may be unwelcome to me is because I have challenges that I have not faced.

I did not understand as I had realized much in terms of happiness and peace within myself, but upon further reflection, that unresolved doubt began to surface and I realized that I feared my new found awakening would be taken away if I showed to be unworthy. 

It was clear; I had not yet accepted that which is divine, unconditional love. 

“I hope that you will find out that we have not failed the test. But we pray to God that you may not do wrong—not that we may appear to have met the test, but that you may do what is right, though we may seem to have failed.”

2 Corinthians 13:6

Upon this realization, I set myself on doing the work to resolve this. I took it on myself to accept divine love and to breathe this unwelcome smell as deep within myself as I could. I told myself that I would open myself up and breathe in into every part of me. 

The next day I began with my daily practice, and I would follow it by submerging myself in a bath infused with the aroma, breathing it in as deep as I could.

New Life

The water was too hot. I felt scolding heat as I placed my first step, waiting just a moment before pulling myself back out. A little cold would help. After a few attempts of trial and error, I had finally began to slowly lower myself into the tub of clear, aroma-infused water, inching myself into submersion. I began to breathe, still feeling the heat. Sweating, short of breath (I was not, but the mind plays tricks) I continued to breathe.

As the water cooled, I cooled, and I found myself slipping deeper into the tub, the water heavy on my chest. I felt its weight – breathe – I relaxed deeper.

I could hear the sounds around me; chanting in the other room; the chirping of birdsong floating by; my heart beat. 

As my head began to sink beneath the surface, sound was cut off in a snap as my ears flooded with water, but I could still hear.

I opened my eyes in a moment of clarity and looked out from behind my eyes, and once again. The third time coming up through and out of myself as I broke the still surface of the water. I breathed deep.

After a moment, I relaxed back into a meditative state, and allowed the water to drain away as I continued a state of stillness, of awareness, of peace.

It was then that I felt a call to step outside and lay in the grass, realizing all life’s splendor. 

I could see it now. 

I could feel it.

 In the gift I had both given myself and been given, I was finally one and could see that all questions had been answered; for there was no question to ask, only awareness and joy. 

The joy that you are seeking simply is. It exists always. You just lift the veil and become it.

If you will only look through the eyes of a child everything will reveal itself and you may experience the joy. 

Look beyond what you know.

I am extremely grateful that I am able to see that all is one in the birds, the trees and whips of seeds beneath the light of the sun, and one with the sun itself. A truly beautiful moment of full awareness laying with mother nature as she showed me my own truth. All knowledge is already within if you will listen. It is eternal and ever-flowing. 

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