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A New Discovery may explain why the Easter Island Moai were built?

So I’ve been mapping a geographic line that runs through many major ancient sites that fall within 0.15% of a degree of a line drawn around the globe. All sites were within at least 1 degree.

They were all built during various different periods, so were not likely some co-ordinated effort (sorry conspiracy theorists). But if not a co-ordinated effort, then why this line? Why this correlation?

I believe that a case study test was the best analogy; this alignment existed due to a shared underlying condition. The structures map out this corollary pattern because of something we don’t immediately see. 

Something I saw today put it all together for me.

It all clicked 

I was browsing through my regular high strangeness content and came across an article on a UFO ‘flap’, meaning a number of sightings in a particular areas and/or particular period of time. These had happened in 1977 in Colares, Brazil. 

Initially, I was drawn to this flap because the related photos connected with something else; a theory John Keel had come up with was that UFOs were some kind of ‘living energy that materialized into the visible spectrum. He came to this conclusion when he found that most of the consistently unexplained UFO sightings first appeared as orange/red lights corresponding to the infrared spectrum. Keel believed they first came through the infrared spectrum in a kind of reaction, displacing heat (and explaining the infrared appearance) before taking on a more ‘physical’ form. These sightings were consistently reporting orange/red lights. The photos also showed it. It was what I was looking for. 

The Air Force investigated the cases at Colares at the request of the mayor. Over half of the sightings reported were reported by the Air Force investigators themselves. Not only that, but they were able to track the UFO’s movements and it appeared as if they were carrying out a survey. 

My thought was that they were behaving like some kind of mechanism. 

For some reason I decided to dig out my geographic research lines and map Colares, Brazil.

I was amazed. 

It fell right on the same line as all of these ancient divine structures. From the Great Pyramid of Giza to Angkor Wat, Macchu Picchu, Saqsaywaman, Mohenjo-Daro, the Nazca lines, heck, even Easter island (maybe the moai statues are watching the skies). And apparently, Colares, Brazil

My alignment map gave me a new idea

I might have found the underlying cause. Perhaps these sites had been built at common places of sighting occurrences. After all, the structures were often places of worship or in some way related to the divine. Perhaps there was something about this line, like the electromagnetic anomalies of supposed ley lines, that created these occurrences, these ‘flaps’. Maybe these frequent or large scale encounters were what led to the construction of these structures as commemoration to the event.

The Connection to the Hoover Dam

At the base of the Hoover dam is a monument. 

The Hoover Dam Star Chart maps ‘The Great Year’ cycle of approx. 26,000 years over which the earth’s axis wobble creates one complete cycle of the equinoxes around the ecliptic

This monument marks the completion date of the Hoover Dam. 


It uses a star map. For more information on the cycles of the stars click here. This way, even if civilization was wiped out or current languages became obsolete, someone who could understand the stars could calculate the period in which it was built. It made me think, what if these ancient monuments mapped to certain periods of time by using the stars were not necessarily representing when they were built, but corresponded to a period when a certain event occurred, such as a ‘flap’? 

They were monuments to contact.

At the end of the day it’s just another wacky theory but the relationship of the line has so many major sites that it’s hard to call it coincidence. 

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