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Since my sudden awakening, I have been devouring books on mysterious subjects. I had become absorbed in what was possible. It all began while reflecting on a fiction book I wrote several years ago, realizing I had hidden meaning within the book for myself when I was ready to confront them. My higher self showing me the way.

 From that moment I have been coming across fascinating books by people truly dedicated and passionate about their subject. People that aren’t willing to compromise themselves for the sake of not rocking the boat. Instead, they choose a dedication to discovering the truth, even when it might seem strange or hard to swallow. 

I love to communicate the content as I make sense of it and develop my own understanding. I know that everyone does not have time but would love to know more and so I use my articles to share my findings. But for those who want to dig deeper or become particularly fascinated with a certain subject. I HOPE THAT YOU DO! The more people that seek truth the faster we will develop conclusions and develop the famous tipping point Malcolm Gladwell talks about. Allowing us to move away from the current establishment and replacing it with one of reason and neutrality. 

For those who have decided to delve deeper, or are perhaps just curious to browse, here are some of my favorite recent reads. I hope that you enjoy them as much as I did! I will continue to update the list as my library grows. 

So… Without Further Ado, I Bring you…

My Favorites

Fingerprints Of The Gods


Graham Hancock. What can I say? A friend of mine introduced me to his work and I can happily say that his work on alternate history blew open doors I didn’t know existed. Hancock does a fantastic job of supplying you with information rather than opinion and he gives plenty of references to back it up. This book not only fascinated me and at times had me giddy with amazement, but his travel adventures are as close to a current living Indiana Jones as you’re gonna get.

Fingerprints is also a kind of doorway into a house filled with many other books that will take you deeper if you take note of the references.

Journeys Out Of The Body


For the astral travelers out there. This book is an adventure. It’s also a great book for skeptics. Robert Monroe is not you’re ordinary spiritual warrior. In fact, ordinary would be a much better way to describe him. He is a level-headed and well put together individual with a solid business career. His credentials give him a credibility as does the tests he attempts to carry out in order to understand the phenomenon.

The book is a journey of discovery with both incredible and bizarre accounts of his ‘travels’.

More also does a great job of supplying the technicals in order to understand and perhaps even attempt his technique.



Another Graham Hancock. This is both one of my favorites and most fascinating books. If you were going to pick a book on this list it would be hard for me to not suggest this one. Just like Fingerprints, it supplies a bevy of references that will lead you down other rabbit holes.

The content and potential conclusion of this book is mind blowing. For anyone interested in consciousness upgrade, extra dimensions, and an explanation for the unexplained phenomenon, this ones for you. It’s also for everyone else. It’s an eye opening book and there are some great historical accounts of unexplained phenomenon. PLEASE READ.

Or Listen. Grab both Supernatural and Fingerprints Of The Gods (Narrated by Hancock himself) as free audiobooks with an Amazon Audible Free Trial.

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The Invisible College

Jacques Vallée is a legend in the UFO (now UAP) community. His statical study of the subject is second to none. He has supported governments in their research. Steven Spielberg has based a character on him. He’s even supported various companies through venture capital in Silicon Valley on behalf on NASA. His life is filled with accomplishments and a heavy focus on the UFO phenomenon.

His work’s conclusion is in a different but perhaps much more likely and explainable direction regarding the phenomenon.

I don’t want to spoil it too much but if you’re interested in a taste read this article. (And then come back here!)

The Occult Anatomy Of Man

I consider this more of a starter to deep exploration. I say that because you’ll be so fascinated by what Mr. Hall has to say, that you’ll probably begin looking deeper before you even put the book down. It’s not a long read and like I said, it’s a great entry into the world of understanding religion and its forgotten meanings.

Also, if you’re in any doubt, do some looking into Mr. Hall. Manly P. Hall that is. It’s quite astonishing how early in his life he gained traction and the mountain of work he put together.

Also, be sure to check out his Magnum Opus: The Secret teachings of All Ages. IF you have a tremendous amount of interest and time to put into the subject of religious organizations. Especially those of the secret variety.

Most Recent

The Eighth Tower, John A. Keel

Operation Trojan Horse, John A. Keel

Meditations, Marcus Aurelius

Stalking The Wild Pendulum, Itzhak Bentov

Entangled Minds, Dean Radin

Transcendental Magic, Eliphas Levi

The Cosmic Serpent, Jeremy Narby

The Secret Life Of Plants, P. Tompkins & C. Bird

The Doors Of Perception And Heaven And Hell, Aldous Huxley

Passport to Magonia, Jacques Vallee

Origins Of The Sphinx, R.M. Schoch & R. Bauval

The UFO Experience, J. Allen Hynek

Star Maps, W.M.R Fix

The Cycles Of Heaven, G.L. Playfair & S. Hill

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